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We can’t say enough of the benefits that come with the LPG system. However, despite all of these benefits, the skilled workforce to help people get their petrol vehicles converted to the LPG system is scarce. There are very few persons in Australia (comparative to the entire population) who are quite skilled at effectively working around LPG systems. This underscores the need for more skilled personnel. However, to fill this gap, we have decided to create a program in which persons interested in becoming installers can achieve their goals, all under our franchise. Amongst other things, we give them access to comprehensive training and education. We have evening training programs that provide a basic introduction to how liquid LPG systems work. Prospective installers learn the different components and strategies behind the system. They learn operations, diagnosis, system testing, amongst others. After the program, we will offer comprehensive training materials to ensure continuous training. Beyond these, we will also offer close support. One of the ways we do this is through promotion and marketing for them. The installers are made part of our database. They also get periodic help from the technical support team as well as the sales team. Amongst others, these are some of the benefits of becoming an installer with Orbital.

Central Gas Heater Installer

The biggest form of humanity is serving others, and there are various ways to go about this. If you become a skilled LPG installer, you get to deploy your skills to help people solve their problems. You help usher people into the benefits of the LPG system, which includes, amongst others, fewer expenses and more savings, positive contribution to the planet, and much more. After people might have got their LPG installed by you, you will continue to get consulted by them for issues surrounding their use of the LPG system. Thus, you constantly deploy your knowledge to help them find a way around problems.

Technician and the Heater Issue

When you become a skilled LPG installer, you become one of those very few people who is vast in this rare skill. As a result, you get to be sought for, both from far and near. Since there will not likely be many people who know the skill well, you will be one among a million. This means there is less competition for order flow. This gives you the amazing opportunity to meet and work with and for a lot of persons. These people will come from various professional and socioeconomic backgrounds. Meeting these people regularly can potentially lead to other bigger opportunities or, better still, rewarding relationships.

Part of a Reputable Brand

Orbital is one of the leading names in the LPG installation and management space. Becoming an installer under us puts you under a reputable and well-respected brand. Given the level of brand awareness and recognition that Orbital has, you don’t have any problems with sourcing customers or leads. The name will attract them. You can positively exploit this for business expansion.

Financial Rewards

This skill is quite rare. Thus, becoming an expert at it will make you also rare. With this, you can easily charge the comfortable rates and take on jobs that you like. All of these put you on a path towards some major financial boost. Then, when you add that you will be working under an internationally reputable brand, you know that the opportunities are endless. As a business expands, you can train others and easily become your boss.

Finding Installers

Repair Central Gas Heater

Are you searching for an installer near you? We have a database of all installers nationwide, along with their contact information.

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