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How Does It Work?

How It Works

The liquid LPG framework developed by Orbital Auto Gas is one of the best you can find in the industry. The system features the latest and most recent generation of technology in automobile LPG usage. Are you wondering how it works? Well, our system works in the most efficient manner. Continue reading to understand how.

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How Does It Work?

The way it works is that under high pressure, the system releases LPG into the vehicle’s inlet manifold. This is done through the use of an LPG injector that has been custom developed for that purpose. When the liquid LPG makes its way into the inlet manifold, vaporisation immediately occurs – as a result, the air around the manifold cools quickly. This coolness brings about efficiency in the engine and enables the vehicle to do more work with less power. In the past, the systems we used moved the LPG liquid to the inlet manifold right from the vehicle’s storage tank. They then converted the liquid into vapour using what is known as a vaporiser; in some cases, it is called the converter. To do this, it has to make use of heat. This heat that the inlet manifold generates used to cause several engine problems; however, the Orbital Liquid LPG system completely fixes that. Staying true to its culture of innovation, Orbital attached a special type of computer which controls all the moving parts of the LPG system. It is called the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Although you can manually control it yourself, the computer is optimised to auto-control itself. To do this, the computer is infused with the capability to monitor signals generated from the vehicle’s petrol computer. It then uses the information it gets to make appropriate settings on the LPG system to ensure continuous maximum efficiency.

Benefits That Come with Using the Orbital Liquid LPG System

For one, it is quite cheap. The problem that Autogas used to have is not that they are not costly or expensive per unit, but that they do not last long. In no time, you will have exhausted your Autogas. But with the system designed by Orbital, we have ensured that your automobile gets to use LPG efficiently. Thus, you don’t get to run out of Autogas indiscriminately, as the case used to be. Even more important is that the Orbital LPG system was designed to ensure reduced pollution as much as possible. Gases generally belong to the family of fossil fuels; invariably, they help contribute to endangering the atmosphere and fostering climate change. However, gas is generally less of a pollutant than most other fuels. And in the Orbital LPG system, we deployed the latest technology to increase the gas’s cleanliness and reduce its capacity for pollution. As such, when you make use of Orbital’s LPG, you help not only to protect yourself from hazards arising from pollution. You also help to preserve and conserve the planet. Finally, due to the above factors and more, vehicles that use the Orbital LPG system are seamlessly drivable.

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