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Available Kits

The Available Kits

The Orbital Liquid LPG system is nothing less than groundbreaking technology. It transforms LPG systems as we used to know them and brought about efficiency, reliability, and safety much more than before. However, the LPG systems are not made in the same format. The particular physical configurations are quite different from brand to brand. The reason for this is because vehicles are not made in the same format by the manufacturers. In fact, the difference between the structures of various brands is very wide. Thus, making a general system for all vehicles quite difficult, if not impossible. Even at that, the interesting fact is that even within the same brand, various vehicles’ particular configurations might be quite dissimilar. For instance, Ford’s Falcon series’s internal structure and external designs are very much distinct from those of its Territory series. Thus, this gives Orbital the difficulty of making particular customisations for particular series made by some brands. Since it is practically unachievable to produce for all vehicle makes and series, Orbital has selected some of the leading vehicle manufacturers’ most popular series. It has then made Liquid LPG kits for them. We take a look at some of them below.


One of the leading vehicle makers for which we have made our pacesetting LPG systems is Ford. The series we cover include the Falcon and Territory series.

There are several types of the Ford Falcon series; however, Orbital provides liquid LPG systems for two of them - the Ford BA/BF and the Ford FG. Orbital provides separate kits for each of the models under each series. Amongst other things, the Ford BA/BF and FG kits come in multiple tank options; they mostly have direct mount injectors and exchange manifolds. For the kit types, for some models, only the 500 series is made available, while for others, customers have the choice to choose between the Standard and Pro series. You might also want to go for the optional extras, including speaker spacer, tyre inflation kit, exhaust kit, and much more, depending on the specific model you go for.

The kits we made for the Ford Territory also have most of the features of those for the Falcon. However, you can only get the Pro series. Then, it comes with only one tank option.


For Holden, we cover the Colorado, Commodore, and Rodeo series. One unique thing about the kits for Holden is that they feature remote mount injectors rather than the direct mount. They also come with loan rivet kits rather than exchange manifolds.


Orbital produced Liquid LPG kits for the Aurion, Camry, Corolla, Hilux, and Prado series of Toyota. Amongst other things, a unique difference in Toyota’s kits exists in its tank option; Toyota kits use the cylinder-in-boot model. They also mostly come in Pro series, while they use direct mount injectors.


The models covered here include the Elantra and the Sonata. Largely the Hyundai series has the same configurations as Toyota sedans.


The main Mitsubishi product covered is the Triton. They all come in Standard and Pro series, and all make use of direct mount injectors and exchange manifolds. Notably, they have their tanks located under the rear of the vehicle.

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