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Changing the face of energy in Australia and potentially, globally, is our goal. Orbital Auto Gas is at the forefront of giving people access to other, more efficient systems to power their lives and vehicles at the cheapest costs possible. Over the years, we have created a brand to reckon with in the alternative energy and clean power space on the Australian continent. Our emergence can be traced back to as far back as 1984 when Prospect Motors opened shop in New South Wales. Amongst other things, Prospect was an original equipment supplier for major brands in the automotive space.

Prospect built a reputation of helping customers source the best and most authentic equipment that they can find anywhere for their automobiles. Over time, it had become a trusted business and gradually built top-notch branding and reputation. Even manufacturers noticed this and desired to be part of the Prospect success story. This led to the signing of the deal with Vialle to become the exclusive distributor of Vialle products all across the continent – Australia and New Zealand. This was quite a big bet by Vialle on Prospect, but it was one that proved to be worth it. This deal further threw Prospect into the limelight as it became a force to be reckoned with when sales of original equipment for automobiles and related machines were concerned. As time went by, there was a need for expansion and restructuring of the business. This was necessitated by the need to take on opportunities in areas like LPG systems. Thus, in 1991, Prospect became Boral Transport Services. By now, it had made major inroads into the LPG systems market and had started to become a leading brand. Thus, it was quite easy to get deals with leading automobile manufacturers to fix LPG systems.

Thus, in 1995, it became a supplier of LPG systems to Tickford, a leading automobile engineering company. It repeated this feat just four years later in 1999 by becoming a leading supplier of original LPG systems to Ford’s global vehicle manufacturer. This was for the Ford E-Gas model. By this time, the company had seen the bountiful opportunities in the LPG and alternative fuels value chain. Thus, in 2001 it became known as Boral Alternative Fuels Systems. It started to offer LPG conversion services to vehicle owners. However, the company was more ambitious. By 2004, it had begun testing out Liquid LPG systems to become an original systems manufacturer. This ambition and the market reputation, and the fast growth of Boral caught the attention of bigger corporates. This led to the negotiation and eventual acquisition in 2008 of Boral by Orbital Corporation, an Australian publicly traded conglomerate. This brought about a name change to Orbital Auto Gas, which we are today. By 2009, our flagship LPG system had been released to the market. Ever since then, we have built a reputation for quality service delivery, innovation, and efficiency. Our services are sought far outside the continent and have entered into agreements with the largest automobile companies globally.

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