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Changing the face of energy in Australia and potentially, globally, is our goal

Orbital Auto Gas is at the forefront of giving people access to other, more efficient systems to power their lives and vehicles at the cheapest costs possible. Over the years, we have created a brand to reckon with in the alternative energy and clean power space on the Australian continent. We have built a reputation for quality service delivery, innovation, and efficiency. Our services are sought far outside the continent and have entered into agreements with the largest automobile companies globally. We are committed to providing you with the best possible LPG experience. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is one of the essential sources of energy all around us today. Its energy applications span an array of domestic uses, such as in cooking and heating. It is used as a primary energy source for automobiles - where it is called Autogas. Then, it has major industrial applications such as powering machines and equipment. It also has applications in aerosol propellants, and it is used in refrigeration as an ozone-friendly replacement to chlorofluorocarbons. It can be stored in liquid form.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) exists in multiple forms, but the most popular formats are the Liquid and Vapour formats. While they are quite similar, they are not the same. Essentially, they possess a lot of similar characteristics. For instance, they are largely made of the same chemical properties and materials. In fact, they are from the same product, that is, the LPG. However, they do not function in the same way.

When considering whether to convert to an LPG system to power their vehicles, by far one of the biggest issues that most vehicle owners consider is the cost; they usually factor in the seemingly high cost of originally installing the LPG system into their vehicle. They also consider the possibility of losing exceptional performance that characterises their vehicle. However, all these are far-fetched as using LPG systems comes with considerable benefits in performance, reliability, and cost-savings.

We can’t say enough of the benefits that come with the LPG system. However, despite all of these benefits, the skilled workforce to help people get their petrol vehicles converted to the LPG system is scarce. There are very few persons in Australia (comparative to the entire population) who are quite skilled at effectively working around LPG systems. This underscores the need for more skilled personnel. However, to fill this gap, we have decided to create a program in which persons interested in becoming installers can achieve their goals, all under our franchise.

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